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Default Re: T2 Chip Programmer Tool

Originally Posted by mon2 View Post
Hi. Also interested to learn if the T203 tool is suitable to remove password off A1932. Looking to purchase a broken A1932 from Ebay but only if we can get the password off the unit. Real focus is to learn on how to remove and replace the very thin LCD retina as compared to replacing the display assembly.

Apple patched the T2 chip with Apple Conifigurator 2. DFU will only work with APPLE CONFIG 2. All bypasses atm are null until checkrain comes with an updated jailbreak. So that SSH error you are getting is due to Apple patching against the jailbreak. They put a monteray patch embeeded in the Revive/Recovery when you run the tool. This means all jailbreaks to get pass the lock is null. I assume in a the coming weeks we will see a patch for mina once checkrain comes out with a new jailbreak.

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