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Default Re: T2 Chip Programmer Tool

"iCloud lock" is synonymous with "activation lock", most of the time.

Your second point is where it gets a bit ambiguous. What really matters is whether "Find My (Mac)" is turned on for the device.
If it is, you can't do much unless you know what to replace in a T2 SPI flash dump, which nobody here seems to want to share
If it's not, then you can simply put the device into DFU mode and use Apple Configurator 2 to wipe everything, then use Internet Recovery to reinstall macOS.

But it's very likely Find My is enabled for the MacBook in question; I think that's the default for any Mac (unless you disable location services during setup? which you'd have to do explicitly)

My question:
What do you have to replace in the T2 flash to "unlock" a Mac tied to an Apple account? Just the serial number? Or the MLB + UUID + ROM as well?
Or is that not possible anymore? I don't see how that could be the case; as far as Apple can tell, it's an entirely different Mac, right?

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