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Default Short theory

Hi guys, so i am in the process of repairing a couple motherboards and ive come across something that im not quite understanding. Maybe you guys can help me out.

So i am checking the motherboard and find i have several areas of caps that have a short to ground, being that both sides give continuity when testing against a ground pad. Now i know this might be okay for some caps but this is a lot of caps doing this so im thinking theres a short. So i injected a small amount of voltage on a larger cap. I sent it in at 3v 1a to be safe and low, i saw some mosfets get hot and the bench shows it pulling 1.1v @ .8 amps. They also light up on the flir so i pulled them off. Now the delivery goes to 3v @ .03 amps so im thinking the short is gone becuase the voltage is flowing and only consuming whatever items are on the line take, however, i still get short to ground on the caps.

Am i understanding that when the voltage doesnt get dropped it means there is no short, or is it that there isnt a BIG enough short to cause heat.

In this scenario, how do you locate it?

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