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Default Re: T2 Chip Programmer Tool

Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
iCloud lock doesn't mean it was lost/stolen etc. It usually means someone could have reset their computer and then put it off for sale without properly removing their iCloud, WHICH is very common in iPhones these days. Apple purposefully is doing this on purpose so people buy a new device instead of second hand, why do you think the T2 was introduced? It was not just a security measure, it was a measure to force people into NEW MacBooks.

As of late you cannot flash the Winbond Chip on the MacBooks and change the serial to unlock it. Changing the serial is only usueful for MDM locks and you should be able to get in them, but MDM locks are very less common compared to an iCloud locked device. MDM is also iCloud locked but it adds an extra layer of locks due to the serial once you get into the OS install. So changing the serial in theory can unlock a Mac if IT IS MDM locked.

The T2 chip code in the Winbond chip wont have any kind of code to state which is to be removed to unlock the device. I would honestly say that there is more into the actual T2 chip itself that ties into the Activation server.

Until then the only method of removing these locks is Jailbreaking it but that has been recently patched, so for now we wait.

NOTE: I can still get into iCloud locks easily without patching via DFU via hardware method but the only way that is possible is as long as the computer was not patched recently via DFU at all, you would not need to use DFU using the T203 method, this is how you can do it.

1. Remove the Winbond chip.
2. Read the data off of the chip, then save the data to your Desktop (windows pc only)
3. Run WinHex, change the serial MANUALLY that is on Mina that is used to unlock it. (IE: In the T203 tool data it will have the Serial plugged in the UNLOCK CODE. Just run WinHex and look for the serial and copy it and paste it. This is the serial activated for Mina.)
4. Then run the jailbreak, then turn on the computer once its jailbroken and activated, reinstall the OS, complete OS setup. Create user and password. Then shut down computer. Remove board if necessary
5. Remove the chip, read the chip via T203, copy the data from that chip on to the desktop, run WinHex and change to the original serial of the device, save the file as a .BIN then program the file to the chip. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS the chip will be corrupted and you will have to do it all over again! That includes reinstalling the OS. (DO NOT USE THE MINA SERIAL it will run into issues).
6. Solder chip back on then turn on and verify the serial and model of your computer in ABOUT THIS MAC. Voila unlocked and working. No need to patch with DFU.
I dont agree with you as i trying.
when you activated Mina Serial its means bypass.When you restore apple configurator will back activation.
As you write Repalce Sn and activate mina after replace original then you need must restore and after activation back.
When you change Sn you need must restore after work normal.
Note:T2 macbook iclouds store in T2 chip.Or Mdm depends Serial number.
You cant repalce T2 data program one time as i know.

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