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Default Re: T2 Chip Programmer Tool

Originally Posted by unilock01 View Post
You keep contradicting yourself. You say that flashing the T2 ROM is pointless unless you only want to bypass MDM, then you say that flashing the T2 ROM works to get rid of all locks.
Why would you restore the original serial number after replacing it with a new one? That'd just restore the activation lock as soon as you do a factory restore.

No way in hell does anybody outside of Apple have access to their servers. Those things are locked down like the Knox.

Also, what's this "mina" thing? Can't you just generate a valid serial using OpenCore's `macserial` or something?

Actually wrong. Once you put In the serial of the original locked device once you get pass the OS install the device cannot be locked again. Only ones that can are MDM locks, Which is why you change the serial. Activation lock does not come back once you’re in the OS. I would know because we do this a lot with no issues.

Haha you think Apple certified techs always follow Apple servers rules…. lol…you have no idea how some permanent unlocks happen then.

Mina is a bypass tool that’s free, unlike checkm8 software where they utilize the checkrain jailbreak and capitalized on just inputting their own code that just remembers the serial in their server and charge you for unlocking your device which in reality is actually free to do with the proper coding knowledge. We o. The other hand are looking at making the bypass free forever.

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