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Default Frying amplifier finals... audio, not rf...

Well for RF transmitters, transmitting without an impedance matched antenna and if the transmitter doesn't have automatic limiting... kiss the final transistor goodbye and chalk one up to something you killed.

But that's not the same way with audio amps for the most part, well, at least the wavelength of audio on copper is so long that you get all of it back anyway but the transistor is fine with it...

So how are people destroying finals in their audio amplifiers then? Heh.

Are people shorting their outputs or something, overdriving output to a too big speaker? Or are these amps just frying on their own due to being in an overly compact enclosure and simply got too hot over time?

Anyone actually kill their audio amplifier output or witness it leaking the magic smoke?

TBH at least as of right now, knock on wood, I have yet to blow an audio amplifier output. Just wondering what it takes to blow an output?

(I haven't blown an RF final/amplifier output yet either yet, likewise knock on wood, but I've gotten both audio and RF amplifiers that had bad finals that need repair... And also honestly I think I envision myself killing an RF final well before killing an audio final...)
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