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Default Re: T2 Chip Programmer Tool

Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Actually wrong. Once you put In the serial of the original locked device once you get pass the OS install the device cannot be locked again. Only ones that can are MDM locks, Which is why you change the serial. Activation lock does not come back once you’re in the OS. I would know because we do this a lot with no issues.
And it stays unlocked even after a DFU restore? How??
("DFU restore" is what I meant by "factory restore")

Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Haha you think Apple certified techs always follow Apple servers rules…. lol…you have no idea how some permanent unlocks happen then.
Why so high-and-mighty? As I understand it, this website is about sharing information, not gatekeeping it...
Besides, I'm pretty sure that anyone certified by Apple outside of Apple themselves has no access to Apple's internal VPN (Apple Connect, I think), much less their activation servers.

Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Mina is a bypass tool that’s free...
The only Mina tool I can find is "minaT2Activator", which charges $120 to "register" your serial number on their server. Which tool are you talking about?

As for Apple's servers checking Wi-Fi / Bluetooth MAC addresses to determine activation lock status - if older versions of BridgeOS don't know to send that information to Apple (idk if that's the case), how could they check it in the first place?
I'd check what information is actually sent to Apple during macOS activation, but it seems nobody's made an easy-to-digest presentation about it yet XP
In any case... the MAC addresses are stored in the T2 ROM, no? I have no basis for this assumption, but it might make sense due to Apple wanting to keep every form of device identification "secure".
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