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Default Re: T2 Chip Programmer Tool

Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Until then the only method of removing these locks is Jailbreaking it but that has been recently patched, so for now we wait.

1. Remove the Winbond chip.
2. Read the data off of the chip, then save the data to your Desktop (windows pc only)
3. Run WinHex, change the serial MANUALLY that is on Mina that is used to unlock it. (IE: In the T203 tool data it will have the Serial plugged in the UNLOCK CODE. Just run WinHex and look for the serial and copy it and paste it. This is the serial activated for Mina.)
4. Then run the jailbreak, then turn on the computer once its jailbroken and activated, reinstall the OS, complete OS setup. Create user and password. Then shut down computer. Remove board if necessary
@Stephen, I'm curious when you say "run the jailbreak", do you mean the found on the golden USB?; You mentioned earlier in the post, this has already been patched.
Also, others have tried this and they are getting an "SSH" connection timout. So yes, it is patched.
Maybe I am confusing "jailbreak" with "bypass".

Also, are you writing back to the T2 your ROM with the mina-serial or are you writing back to the T2 the actual .BIN that came in the golden USB.

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