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Default Re: Frying amplifier finals... audio, not rf...

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but here goes......

When I was growing up in the 1970s, my parents bought a LOWREY brand home organ and made me (or convinced me to) take music lessons. If you wanted to practice the organ while people were sleeping, there were headphones and a headphone jack that you could use that would silence the room-filling speakers.

You can guess what happened. One of the wires in the jack was not soldered properly, or it came loose (there was not a generous amount of wire between the jack and the headphones, quality was lacking in many products in the early 1970s). When I heard sound in only one of my ears, I did not realize anything was wrong. Later, after I unplugged the headphones, suddenly the speaker on the left side of the organ's cabinet did not produce any sound.

We had an electronics repair guy (who maybe specialized in organs?) come to the house and fix a few things, including the transistor that fixed our speaker. The organ could achieve pretty much its full potential again.

Guess what happened next? Someone (probably me) blew that same circuit AGAIN by plugging in the headphones with the bad soldering ! I guess I didn't realize that was the cause of the problem.

I tried to get my parents to fix it when we were giving it away to a church several years ago, but my parents wanted me to be quiet -- they didn't want the church to have any doubts. In the end, the church did take it and put it to good use. I don't know if they ever realized the left speaker was dead and the amplifier really could have been repaired (if you could still get the parts/transistors/ICs for it).

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