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Default Re: Panasonic TX-P50STW50 Power Supply no 5V (was clicking)

The fact that you are getting voltage on the T200 secondary means the primary circuit, ic200, Q110 are working, but the circuit is current limiting under load.

The schematic is too blurry (f'n Panasonc) but have you replaced the capacitor (C204?) 47f/35v D205 supplies the vcc voltage by charging this capacitor.
Sometimes the diode in the source pin of Q110 can short causing the wrong voltage back to the CS pin of the ic, The diode is across R207 a 0.5Ω so one end of either the resistor or the diode needs to be unsoldered to check the resistor and also the diode.
Also the capacitors on the +5v line may be weak and need to be replaced.

As a side note: RL100 contacts short across R100 when the tv is turned on, R100 is a current limiting resistor for when the tv is in standby and only draws a small amount of current.

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