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Default Re: Panasonic TX-P50STW50 Power Supply no 5V (was clicking)

Oh, you are right, these errors do not make much sense.
They are always from black probe to red Probe. The point of the arrow is where the positive prove was.
I will try to clean up the diode later

I was not able to uncover any markings on the diode so I eventually gave in, unsoldered it and measured it outside of the circuit.
I even put another larger diode with a visible marking next to it to make sure I do not do anything stupid with the probes.
I am now 100% sure that the diode is correct.
Oh and yes... I had it wrong before .
But the bad news is: it makes absolutely no difference to the 5V line.

Tried to measure CS on IC200 (I used R228 and pin 5 of T200 so I dont short the pins).
0.001V in AC mode. I have no idea if my meter is capable of measuring AC at the frequency it needs to

And Im reading 0.776V on the Feedback Pin

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