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Default Re: S-10-5 power supply schematic etc. 5V 2A

Originally Posted by redwire View Post
The URL for the Russian website comparing pinouts of SMPS IC's gets turned into asterisks here like this: ht tps://****************/ic_power/
Trying to post them, just delete the spaces to get the URL:
Home page: h ttps:/ / remont-aud . n e t /load
AC-DC SMPS IC identification: h ttps:/ / remont-aud . n e t /ic_power/
DC-DC SMPS IC identification: h ttps:/ / remont-aud . n e t /dc_dc/
Some service manuals there too, use google translate.

Aliexpress store YXD Wish said nothing about their dud S-10-5 power supply, sent them pics too. "Aliexpress guaranteed return shipping" means... I have to pack it up and pay probably $15 to send it back to china. UGH

Good news, the second power supply came in and I will post pics and schematic. At least it works.
Thanks redwire!
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