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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Originally Posted by kiddznet View Post
Sad to say folks will trash perfectly good kit here because of so called "tech" dudes with attitude, charging ruinous prices to even look at something
The reason I got interested in this hobby was being laughed at and told there was no way to repair or replace an "Old" P4 478 mobo.
Wow. Seriously? I was never told this, but wow. [I only got into repairing computers because I saw the inside of in in 1999.] I usually decide it doesn't work and/or is trash, and put it in my spare parts pile. Years later, it most likely still works and/or has a use. I contemplated not to use my Dell Dimension 8200 (Intel i850 chipset) anymore because it was too slow. I just upgraded hardware in it instead. Blazing fast for a P4 478 now. Formerly my Mom's "office" computer, now my backup use desktop computer.

I run a web server with my old eMachines T1360 desktop, mainly because the onboard video is too weak for my use. It lags slowly for WinXP, even with the max RAM (512MB). It behaves even better with Win2K SP4. The hardware is that old.

Back on topic:

In my high school, back in 2005 or 2006, there were very old computer parts, computer cases, and a bunch of floppy disks in the back of the room of the school counselor's office. Was told not to touch them, so I didn't. Oh, well.

I have a PCChips M571 Socket 7 motherboard (found that out very recently) that still works... which I thought was dead for seven years. I actually tossed this one in the trash. Rescued it later after a random thought. Was part of my first computer from January 1999. Now a small project for running DOS and old Windows games on it, which at this time of posting is unfinished. Main reason why I kept old computer parts for years. [Dad found this computer in a local computer shop in 1999.]

I also have an old A-trend ATC-6240M R03 motherboard which suffered badcaps (Choyo!). A partial recap fixed the issue. Was originally part of my younger sister's computer, now it's a multiboot system of Win98, Win98SE, WinME (lol), and Win2K SP4... with one too many parts for it. Interestingly, if left on the Windows 2000 partition, Mom sometimes starts playing Freecell on it. [Dad was given this one, possibly from a friend, in 2005.]

And an old Dell Optiplex GX1 minitower desktop. Has booting issues on rare occasions (possible bad riser card), but still surprisingly runs. Originally had WinNT4 on it. Had a few OS experiments over the years. Now has WinXP SP3 on it. [Dad took this one from one of his former workplaces in 2005.]

Man, Dad found some interestingly dated stuff. I only found old video cards and sound cards. They were:
  • Two S3 Trio PCI video cards, a 64V+ and a 64V2
  • an ATI Rage 2C 8MB AGP video card
  • a Sound Blaster Vibra 16X CT4170 ISA sound card
  • a Compaq Premier Sound ES1869 ISA sound card
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