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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Originally Posted by Ami Sapphire View Post
Man, Dad found some interestingly dated stuff. I only found old video cards and sound cards. They were:
  • Two S3 Trio PCI video cards, a 64V+ and a 64V2
  • an ATI Rage 2C 8MB AGP video card
  • a Sound Blaster Vibra 16X CT4170 ISA sound card
  • a Compaq Premier Sound ES1869 ISA sound card
I also have a 2MB S3 Trio PCI as well. It came from a dumpster computer. Normally, I use it as a test card. Seems to handle the task well.
Those ISA sound cards are cool, though - and very rare these days. Probably have decent sound, too - of course, if you can find the right drivers for them.

About two months ago I found this thing:
It's a Gateway Select with a 750MHz Slot A AMD Athlon. The motherboard is done in all tantalum/multi-layer ceramic caps - built to last, basically. It also came with 128MB of SDRAM, and a 15GB HDD with Windows XP on it. I added two more sticks of 128MB SDRAM, a Radeon 7200 video card, and cleaned the HDD from the viruses it had.

Currently, I'm using it as my dedicated download computer. Does its job very well. Moreover, I was very surprised that this thing was almost able to play 720p (MKV, WMV) HD videos (almost, but not quite). 480p is no problem though. I was also able to play some older games with no problem like Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed at 1024x768. I can't believe this thing is actually faster than my HP Pavilion 8756c computer (probably because of the dedicated video card vs. the 2 MB onboard one in the Pavilion).

The Pavilion was also a dumpster find, by the way. It actually came from the same condo complex as the Gateway. I still like the Pavilion better, though, because it has a front USB port. Also, the onboard audio has a bit more ooomph to it when it comes to powering my headphones/speakers.

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