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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Old thread, new member.

I could absolutely fill this entire thread with the things I've scrounged over the years. Unfortunately, I still have many of them. :-)

Still, the best one I found just sitting on the curb last summer; a 42" Dell plasma TV. I opened the door to get the mail and there it was. I hot-footed (literally, it was summer and I was barefoot)it across the street and staggered back home with it. It booted to an OSD, then died again.

There were $35 worth of bulged caps in the ps, which I replaced. I was rewarded with a stable OSD, and put it up on top of my 46" RP CRT set (another find) to burn in. It took two of us to lift it there. That thing weighs nearly 100#. I was elated.

I used it for several weeks, and then one day, it just didn't turn on. I was so disappointed I just left it there. It's gonna require two of us to turn it around again for DX and service. When I get around to it, I'll post here. I'll bet one of you guys can help....
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