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Default Re: QW-MS3010D 30V 10A Variable PSU Blown MOSFET

I guess i'll add a replacement driver chip to the shopping cart, just in case, will a KA7500C do as Digikey will only sell KA7500B chips in cases of 1500 (from what i can tell, the C variant is just a newer design of the same thing).

Between the chip and MOSFET appears to be 4 pairs of 1K resistors (in two parallel pairs), 4 pairs of 22 Ohm resistors (in two parallel pairs) 2 J3Y NPN Transistors, 2 2TY PNP Transistors, and 4 Diodes (and a transformer).

I'm very aware of the incandescent bulb trick and have used it in the past for testing.
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