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Default Re: LED Array Schematic Check?

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
Nothing wrong with fluorescent tubes, I don't mind them at all. A lot easier to service than LED, then again the hope is that LEDs never fail. But look at all those TVs...
Right? And even this lamp that I bought lasted all of 8 months before the LEDs in it started flickering out and I had to replace them ... after the third time replacing them and it started in with its flickering crap again, I had enough of it and decided to make this board which ... I expect ... will last a lot longer since the design seems more stable to me than what it shipped with ... and so far I only run the lamp at 50% on the dial until I need to use the magnifying glass then I crank it up to 100% but the lamp stays on all the time ... just at 50% in between actual use of the lamp.

I never have found a fluorescent magnifying lamp that could produce the lumens that I can get with LEDs.
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