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Default Re: Is there a way to modify a IMAX b6 battery tester version 2 to only monitor volta

I bought a second SkyRc IMAX b6 version 2 with the latest firmware version which has the option to turn off the battery voltage on multiple cell which is a plus because the one that I have dose not have the latest firmware version which has a issue when you hook up with balancing port leads it made the charger lock up ( if you have been using it for single battery cell charging )
I had power cycle it to recover from it

Just another bug it has in the older firmware

I have to use the new one that I just bought and see if work differently or not

The new one also has a better battery connection connector the two plugs are mold together and is tighter inside the connector

The older version I do not know if I will update the firmware or not I have see all of updates have been done make any difference or not
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