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Default Re: Panasonic th-42px60en plasma TV takes time to turn on and make clicking noises

So, let me recap this.

The TV is a Panasonic TH-42PX60EN plasma. When the power cord is plugged and the power button pressed, the TV clicks, attept to turn on, and then shuts off, then it retries again and again. After some fast analysis on the power board, there is NO bulging cap visible. This is the same for the other boards, no bulging caps apparently. When I disconnect the power cable of the AV boards (where there are HDMI in, SCART in etc...), the TV tries to come on, but it last LONGER than before. Sometimes, after 2-3 attempts, I can turn on the TV by unpluging the power cable of the AV boards, power on the TV, and hot plug it in. The TV works fine, except there is no sound. Speakers works tho, so I think it is just a problem on the audio procesing part of the AV boards. When I turn the TV off, if I don't wait too much time, I can put it back on perfectly without hot plug out/in the power cable of the AV boards.

So here's some theories :
- There are multiple (or just a single) bad capacitor on the power board that has not bulged, but is just weak, and so the TV needs some time to power on by charging slowly the capacitors.

- There are some problems with the AV boards, maybe bad caps or overheated chips (the overheating one might be for the audio in this case).

I also precise that :
- This TV is second hand, I bought it cheap because the problem with the clicking relay was known.

- This TV has been torn down for cleaning by the previous owner, and I didn't found any kind of thermal pads on the AV boards where it seems to need it, when I disassemble it myself yesterday.

- I cannot found anything for this problem for THIS exact model. I found many articles/videos that talks about it for other TVs, always some kind of caps bulging, but I apparently have none.

So what do you think about this ? Do you think it is worth trying to rescue this ? (I think so, plasma is a beautiful screen)

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