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Unhappy Gray-Hoverman antenna

Hello all,

Recently I'm upgrading my Gray-Hoverman antenna. Original design. I cannot use a "double-stacked" antenna because of attic space. I do not wish to mount anything to my chimney.

I am using a separate antenna for WHAS Channel 11 (they are using RF Channel 11, 198-205 MHz). I replaced my 29-inch "T" antenna made out of #12 or #10 wire. I made a 58-inch "T" antenna out of 0.25-inch copper tubing. Hooked it up with a matching transformer to the 75-ohm coax going to my TV. I held the "T" antenna up against my ceiling, less than 12 inches below the old antenna in the attic (one-story ranch style home).

The new 58-inch monster didn't seem to do any better! When I replace the copper wire on the "bowtie" antenna (in the coming weeks) will the rest of the channels show no improvement? Will the signal never reach 100%, but will there be less degradation during wind and storms?

You can see the towers from my back yard, and I STILL have dropouts during wind and rain. I'm even using a reflective screen (reflective element) 4 inches behind the bowties (driven element).

Am I wasting my time with this upgrade?
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