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Default Re: Help to choose caps with different ripple current

I have looked at the data sheets for two brands "Sam Young" and "Samwha" and I found most of them, the ones below are the ones I found with the ripple current value:

Sam Young:

KMG, 25V, 100uF, -55c ~ +105c, +-20%, 6.3mm (diameter) x 11mm (high)
159 rated ripple current (mArms/105c, 120Hz)

KMG, 16V, 100uF, -55c ~ +105c, +-20%, 5mm (diameter) x 11mm (high)
119 rated ripple current (mArms/105c, 120Hz)

KMG, 10V, 220uF, -55c ~ +105c, +-20%, 5mm (diameter) x 11mm (high)
170 rated ripple current (mArms/105c, 120Hz)

NXB, 16V, 2200uF, -40c ~ +105c, +-20%, 12.5mm (diameter) x 20mm (high)
2,360 rated ripple current (mArms/105c, 120Hz)


SD, 450V, 68uF, -40c ~ +85c, 16mm (diameter) x 35.5mm (high) but cap is 18mm x 32mm
503 ripple current (mA rms) at 85c, 120Hz

RD, 25V, 1000uF, -55c ~ +105c, 10mm (diameter) x 20mm (high)
820 ripple current (mA rms) at 105c, 120Hz

SD, 10V, 1000uF, -40c ~ +85c, 10mm (diameter) x 12.5mm (high)
659 ripple current (mA rms) at 85c, 120Hz

so would I replace the above caps with the same or higher ripple current eg: 820 RC is 820mA (milli amps) RC?
But what is 2,360 RC? 2.360 amps?

The below caps are the ones I need help to find the ripple current:

Sam Young:

KMF, 16V, 2200uF, 105c, 13mm (diameter) x 20mm (high)

KME, 16V, 2200uF, 105c, 12.5mm (diameter) x 25mm (high)

KME, 25V, 470uF, 105c, 10mm (diameter) x 17mm (high)

SMS, 35V, 33uF, 85c, 5mm (diameter) x 12mm (high)


RG, 10v, 1000uF, 105c, 10mm (diameter) x 17mm (high)

RG, 50V, 47uF, 105c, 6mm (diameter) x 11mm (high)

Someone said to replace all the 10-16 volt caps with 25 volt caps if I do this do I keep the same ripple current or go with something higher but how higher is to high?
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