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Default Re: LED Array Schematic Check?

I have a generic question that maybe one of you can answer ...

Consider the original question I had where I talked about using a potentiometer as the brightness adjuster for this circuit ... based on the calcs I was seeing, when I was going to use straight DC voltage for this circuit, I would have had to use a pretty fat POT as the brightness adjuster since it appeared that quite a lot of current would be running through that pot....

Given that PWM is technically more efficient than using straight voltage ... what would the results be of implementing an RC filter at the output of a PWM source? Then adding a pot at that point for brightness adjustment? Would it bring it back to the original problem where the current would be such that the pot would have to be more robust or would the fact that the source voltage is simply filtered PWM mean that the calcs should be different given that the source is different than a straight DC source?

This question is purely academic by the way ... I'm just curious.
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