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Default Re: Capacitor values in boardview

Have you noticed that only one side of this board has no values listed? It's possible that the boardview doesn't have these values, or it could be the way openboardview interprets the FZ file format. I note that the new version of Openboardview 9.0.2 refuses to open this file.

Anyway, rule of thumb here is that it's a decoupling cap across a rail, so fit accordingly. Seems to be a 0604 size, so anything from 2.2uf to 10uf would suffice. Voltage rating should exceed that of the rail it is decoupling of course - if you have 12V on that rail, then cap should be at least 16 to 25V. These smaller caps aren't polarised usually, but + side of any polarised cap to the Vcc side.
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