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Default Re: Capacitor values in boardview

Originally Posted by piernov View Post
Usually in FZ boardview files if some components have part number information and others don't, the ones without part number information are no stuff.
In this case the TAS5766 speaker amplifier circuit is no stuff in this boardview. Looking at pictures of this motherboard, some variants of this board have this circuit populated, others don't and instead speaker connector is connected directly to audio codec.

Anyway if this circuit is populated on your board, AC99 would be a general purpose decoupling capacitor, since voltage comes from the main power rail it must be rated at least 25V, and it looks like it is in an 0603 package, so possibly 10F.

Make sure the FZ key is probably entered in the configuration.
Thank you! That makes prefect sense, as this boardview is for a diffrent model than the one I'm working on. And it is an 0603, so this was a great help.

I wish it was an 0805... I actually have a strip of those already.
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