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Default Re: 4700uF 6.3v and 3300uF 16v in a 10mm Diameter

Looking through my datasheets... yeah, it seems Ruby ZLQ is pretty much the only option at this size and capacitance (at least for the 6.3V, 4700 uF caps), unless you know someone who has custom-ordered caps (Behemoth, perhaps?)

Panasonic FS seems to be a 2nd runner up, if you don't mind bumping down the capacitance for the 4700 uF caps to 3900 uF (instead of 3300 uF.)

As for 3300 uF, 16V caps in 10 mm dia... I couldn't find anything to fit from my datasheets. Will definitely need a custom size for that one, I think. Or maybe you can somehow find a way to wedge a 12.5 mm cap in there. I'm guessing you're all out of Samxon RS by now. :\

Also, the other thing I wonder about is how the ESR of ZLQ and FS will play with the circuits in that PSU. More than likely it will work fine. Though it is worth noting that both Panny FS and Ruby ZLQ caps have ESR/impedance close to that of United Chemicon KZE - a series that is often used in a lot of modern PSUs, but rarely seen in any old units that generally favor more entry-level low-ESR caps (if not outright GP caps.)

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