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Default Re: Inductor or resistor

Originally Posted by redwire View Post
The part is a ferrite-core inductor used for a differential-mode filter, roughly around 1-5mH. Purpose is to lessen the EMI and RFI noise from the SMPS primary that radiates out to mains. You could read the colour codes for its value.
Cheapest chinese smps and wall-warts don't even have the inductor, they leave it out.
Typically you would see a common-mode choke there but this wall adapter is low power 1.8W output and just a single inductor is used instead.

The part must have got hit/broken somehow.
Thanks. I didnít know coils have the inductance value color-coded.

Based on lines itís 1mH.

Can I replace it in this power supply with a coil of 1500uH, 100mA, 25Ω?
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