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Default Re: Iiyama Prolite E431S Turns off

sleeving the black plastic around the cap....

also I said caps....the others maybe ok but they are junk and if one has gone they may not be in great condition anyway

As I said I am not sure what the best cap for this situation
(and cant recall what has been used in other inverter/PSU boards)

I would "guess" Panasonic FC series would be OK (or FM)

Post values and I could tell you part no.'s
(I have a funny feeling those caps might be 25 Volts you got there? this may rule out FC not sure)

These are Low ESR capacitors,
(Mostly) with switching PSU circuits, Low ESR (Effective Series Resistance) this is an important requirement of a cap along with its ripple rating.

Panasonic are probably more easy to obtain depending on were you are thats why I mentioned them and cost wise I don't think overly expensive.

they are not the only cap in town thought that you can use

one important thing is,
don't go to you local Hobby electronics supplier for caps for this
They will sell you "General Purpose" Caps at worse or a Best A crappy version of what you need.

You need to go to (Depending on were you are) someone like RS Components Farnells DigiKey etc
or contact TopCat forum owner
he could probably supply what you need with out a sweat too.

Thing is you need to know is the uF value (capacitance) and the Voltage

unless advised other wise its "same with same" so thats why I said wait a bit for reply's

I don't know the circuit so thats my advise although sometimes a small increase in capacitance can be an idea depending on the circuit

black caps would probably be the same value ditto the blue

side point
Just make sure you note polarity although I think its marked on the PCB anyway
(just get in the habit of doing that, isn't a bad Idea)
These are polarized caps and have to go ++ -- or cap will go Pssst

HTH Cheers
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