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Default Re: Vestel 17IPS20 R6

If Q212 is connected in circuit what are the voltages on the 3 legs?

You said you had 12V on CN4 (12VCC_S) so U202 must be driving T200 for the secondary 12V AC to provide the 12VCC_S supply.

What voltage do you have with the black lead of your meter connected to the negative leg of C105 and red meter lead connected to D215

My current thinking is that you do not have standby being issued from the mainboard.
Have you checked what voltage is on the standby pin CN4 - Pin 3 and does it change when you go in and out of standby.

Can you post a photo of the underside where Q212 is located because I cannot see it in your photos in post #1
Willing to help but I'm no expert.

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