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Default Re: My Uni-T died... looking for a replacement

Well the big thing is what you are willing to pay?
The new Brymen BM789 (Or EEVBlog branded Brymen BM786) are very nice meters, more aimed at electricians.
The Brymen BM869 is more for electronics work, both are really cheap for a top brand meter like this.

Otherwise you can sometimes get really great deals on eBay for a bit older test equipment.
Like this Fluke 27 that includes both high voltage & RF probes:
However note that I am in no way recommending this specific meter for you unless you have a need for it:
It looks like military surplus and the US military sometimes uses average responding meters (not True RMS)
And they are therefore of limited use outside that niche world.
But Fluke even sells a version of this model to this day, called Fluke 27-II.
If you need the TRMS version it is called 28-II.
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