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Default Re: Sad tale of a PS4 - no video output

Well this sat on my shelf for some time until eventually the owner decided she could not be bothered going back to game and asked me to look at it. At the same time the replacement HDMI connectors turned up from AliExpress for another PS4 slimline that I was looking at which had a broken connector. The results are 'interesting'

OK so let's chat about the one with the broken HDMI connector first

This one turned up in the middle of lockdown with a broken HDMI socket. I was able to order parts but seeing as we had no postal service it was a waste of time, so I found a connector on a scrap TV mainboard and used that.

It was slightly different than the original connector, so I had to do a bit of work using the dremel on the HDMI connector to get the mounting pins to fit the PCB as they were too wide. It fitted OKish but I could not get the signal pins to sit properly flush to the board which made fitting it the devils own job. However I did get it to work wit ha lot of cursing and it give a picture. Unfortunately it only lasted a couple of day before some of the soldered joints gave up again so I ordered some proper PS4 slim HDMI sockets

These ones

When they arrived I fitted one of those. It did not line up with the PCB properly either, the signal pins were slightly offset so they sat directly between the pads on the PCB, but we are talking about a fraction of a millimeter,so but slightly bending the mounting pins I got it to sit right and soldered it just fine. However I no longer got a picture

I checked all the solder joints and they were OK so I couldn't figure out what was wrong now. I ended up cutting an HDMI cable in half and making a breakout board with veroboard and header pins so I could monitor the HDMI signals with the PS4 connected to a TV. To be honest i couldn't make head nor tail of what I was seeing.

I then decided to check continuity from the breakout board back to the HDMI connector on the PS4 board - and discovered it all looked backwards. Like the four shielded pairs of cable were at the wrong end of the socket.

Then I finally figured out what was wrong. Comparing the two PS4 motherboards, the HDMI sockets from Ali Express - despite being sold specifically for PS4 Slim, are upside down!!! DOH! FFS!!

I attached some pics of my lovely microsoldering and the stupid sockets!!! Guess I have to order some more sockets from another seller and do it all again,

I'll put the other PS4 on another post with it's own pics
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