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Default Re: Sad tale of a PS4 - no video output

So onto the other one

This has a damaged LAN socket. It fell off the bed onto the floor. Since that incident, it poweres on, blue light goes white but no picture (exactly same symptoms as the other one I replaced the HDMI socket on)

So it is clearly booting up.

However the HDMI socket looks fine. Unfortunately it is a slightly different board to the other one and I can't check the pin continuity from the HDMI socket to the PCB, or for that matter how to fit a replacement one of the same type if needed.

The damage to the LAN socket looks physical, not electrical, so I am not at all sure what is wrong with this one

I don't have the experience wit hPS4, these are the only two I ever looked at. Are there some other known likely problems I should check for?

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