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Default Re: Tefal GV8962 Pro Express steam iron - no power

Originally Posted by budm View Post
It looks like it is blown up when the high Voltage dump occurred.

Circuit ground for your probe will be the Negative leg of C2, then test Voltage on each leg of that U2.
It looks like the center pin is ground, if that is the case then will not be the same as typical 1117 regulator. You can verify if center pin is connected to circuit ground or not by checking the resistance between C2 negative leg and center pin of U2 to see if it shows <1 Ohm or not. You should also check the resistance of the two outer pins against ground.

If you cannot read the print then it will be hard to figure out what the output Voltage should be, it may rated as the same Voltage for the IC's VCC.
Black probe on C2 -Ve, Red probe on
Pin1: 23 Vdc / 146 ohm
Pin2: < 1 Vdc / < 1 ohm
Pin3: < 1 Vdc / 14 ohm

Black probe on Pin2: Red probe on
Pin1: 23 Vdc / 152 ohm
Pin3: < 1 Vdc / 14 ohm

Marking on U2 is completely not readable.

*** Just to be clear: Pin1 is on the left and Pin3 is on the right of the picture I attached.

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