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Default Xbox one S corrupted startup splash screen

I have picked up this Xbox, with the intention of repairing it and most likely, to keep it for myself. First time owning a game console(second, if I count the other broken one).
It is in great condition, without any accessories.
Owner claims, that it does not play any games.
I only have one game and another Xbox One S, that I have picked up broken a few days prior this one. That one, had a Call of Duty Black Ops III in the drive.
That game plays on that Xbox, but does not want to play on this one.
The game wants to start, shows the Call of Duty splash screen, but then goes back to the dashboard. I have put in a new drive, swapped laser mechanisms between the two Xboxes, cleanes the disk, reset it multiple times and still nothing. I have set up a different microsoft account as well.
Another weird thing that happens is, that the startup green screen with the XBOX logo is corrupted. Like bad graphics chip corrupted, but only that screen. Everything else, shows very nice and works great.
I have placed on the HDD, an XBOX X startup splash screen for testing, and that works great and then, when it shows the same green screen with the Xbox logo, it still gets corrupted.
A movie Blu Ray disk, plays OK.
I will pick up another game, and I will see what happens with that, but I don't have high hopes.
I would appreciate any help, that you can provide.
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