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Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
My vote goes to the 'adapter box', since a cable of that nature essentially eliminates the need for the adapter...hence its 'built-in' if you will, and would be more logically sought in the adapter box if in a situation where that style cable would be needed.
That was my "rational" conclusion.

But, the practical aspects of that screw me cuz the "adapter box" was sized for "adapters" -- typically small/short cables (12 inches or less). Cramming several 6 ft "cables" in there would require moving to a larger box. (did I mention the walls of the garage are already filled with such boxes??)

So, rather than stuff them in some OTHER (cable!) box, I opted to replace some DP-to-DVI adapters that were feeding DVI-to-DVI cables with these DP to DVI cables. Change the problem to fit the solution!
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