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Default Re: gigabyte GTX 760OC. no display.

Originally Posted by brethin View Post
ya it's dead.
For all practical purposes, that's correct.

Though a GPU reflow might revive the card and make it work for a bit while longer (again, how long will vary with every card and how the reflow/reheating was done.)

If you don't want to bother trying a reflow, best use would be for parts use - that is either keep it or sell it for cheap. I get a lot of MOSFETs and ICs from dead video cards I find on eBay... when the price is right.

And if you ever get a mid or high-end card dead, pull the heatsink/cooler from it - sometimes, these go for almost as much as a working card itself. I buy dead high-end video cards for their beefy coolers rather frequently and know some other techs do as well.

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