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Default BFG GeForce 7300 GT AGP [BFGR73512GT] - GPU-Z

Oh, and I forgot the GPU-Z screenshot for the 7300 GT above:

The GeForce 7300 GT isn’t exactly a powerful card, but it’s not weak either. In practice, it offers about the same performance more or less as a GeForce 6600 GT, GeForce 6800 XT, and Radeon 9700 non-Pro (depending on the games and 3D features used in the rendering, of course.) Even the 7600 GS is not really that much faster, and that’s considered a “mid-range” card (at least was for its time.) This shouldn’t be surprising, considering this card uses the same G73 GPU core as the 7600 GS and GT cards. Only difference is the 7600 cards have 12 pixel and 5 vertex shaders, whereas the 7300 GT has only 8 and 4 (same as a GeForce 6800 XT and Radeon 9700/9800). Otherwise, ROP and TMU count is the same as the 7600 cards with 8 and 12 respectively. As for the RAM: it’s 128-bit bus. Funny thing is, my 7600 GS AGP actually uses slower RAM than the “Apogee” –branded chips on this 7300 GT (270 MHz vs. 333 MHz). Go figure. However, the higher pixel and shader count of the 7600 GS is what makes it perform slightly better. As for the core clock: the 7300 GT is only 50 MHz slower than the 7600 GS. On that note, since this BFG GeForce 7300 GT uses the same exact PCB as my PNY GeForce 7600 GS card, I had no problems overclocking the core to 7600 GS speeds (400 MHz.) With a better cooler, it might even do 7600 GT core speeds (540 MHz.) From my short experiments with OC on this card, however, performance hardly improved at all when I bumped the GPU core to 7600 GS levels. And I’m not sure the RAM will take much OC either, as it already runs rather warm. Thus, the gains from OCing this card didn’t seem to matter much. Nevertheless, the 7300 GT is still a very decent AGP card to have around. Should play early and most mid-2000’s games at medium-high settings with decent FPS. Probably best matched with a Windows XP machine running on a mid-high-end Athlon XP or Pentium 4. I tested mine on a socket 939 PC with an Athlon 64 3200+ OCed to 2.5 GHz, and the CPU was almost never the bottleneck.
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