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Default Re: 1300W PSU - Help with replacement mosfet

Originally Posted by sdinelli View Post
Thank you for saying that.
I found a 10k smd off the gate measuring 4k and also a smd transistor labeled "2F" testing unlike the 2F on the other FET.
Only one FET blew i compared it to the other side. getting 10k ohm on the other smd Transistor. and voltage drop of .64V and .6V.
On the faulty one im getting .615V one way and 1.4V
also found another smd transistor Labeled "1P" that doesnt match the one on the other side

Im a little confused though, theres also a 47ohm smd on the gate that tests fine though, how is the 10K off but the 47 alright?
I suspect the 47Ω is in series between the gate and the driver, The 10kΩ is likely from the gate drive to ground and something else that is across it is causing the lower resistance. either bad transistor or drive ic output is damaged
the 2F could be a MMBT2907A
the 1P could be a MMBT2222L

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