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Default Re: KSGER STM32 T12 soldering stations

Originally Posted by redwire View Post
The GX12 has 1.6mm pins and the desoldering tools I have couldn't clear the holes. No tips fit over the pins close spacing. I thought hot air would melt everything around it like the JST power connector and capacitor, buzzer?
When I remove that connector I use my Desoldiering Gun (ZD-917 ) and a temperature hot air gun and with this setup it still took some doing

But if you have a hot air gun put a very small nose cone on air gun and point it away from the main controller board and go around in a circle until the solder melts and bang on the table to nock most of solder off it you might have to do a few times or when the solder melts pry up on the board until you clear the board
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