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Default Re: HP ZR2740w screen goes black

Originally Posted by Andrew F. Ali View Post
The post said 50Mohm 1000V resistors......What the hell is that? Resistors don't have voltage as a spec, they have power ratings in Watts. Anyway you must replace your bad resistors with the same value resistance. The power rating could be higher NOT lower. Those SMD resistors are 1/16 Watt. So perhaps if you can get it to fit 1/8 Watt will work. The key is 'same' resistance.
My plan was to replace the four 500k resistors with two 1Mohm resistors. However I ordered 1W rated ones. Would that affect the resistance?

Originally Posted by diif View Post
But yours turns on before going black ? Sounds like you have a different problem.
When you say black, do the backlights power off, or is it the screen going blank ?
I have a ZR2740W that had the same issue. I cured it with a reflow.
It works fine for a couple of minutes and then the picture stops moving and fades to black within about a second. It seems to work until it warms up because turning it off and on again won’t change anything until you let it sit for a while. Also it looks like the backlight is still on when it goes out.
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