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Default Sony ADP-200ER Ps4 Power Supply


I am new to this forum and kind of new to board repair as general, I have learned how to change stuff using soldering iron and hot air but I am still lacking good troubleshooting skills, so this brought me here…

I have a ps4 bought from ebay with the intention to repair (probably has already been to numerous technician before me), it has been dropped at some point so it has broken plastic everywhere…

I’m any case it has a well known fault, when you press the power it starts but after less then 0.5 seconds it power itself off.

So I took the power supply apart to check the condition and to my surprise I saw it was already taken apart before because you can see fresh solder near the first fuse and also I think near the pfc choke (I think is that)

Anyway this is what I checked:

- 4volt rail OK
- Fuses Ok
- No short (for the best of my knowledge)
- Shorting the sense pin -> 12v coming up for about 0.1 seconds but slowly decrease and then no 4v
- Every time I start the 12v rail I have to remove the power to try again

I watched some guy’s video on YouTube about how this power supply works and It was very illuminating so I thought maybe it’s the pfc choke (the guys reference it with that name) so I took it out and found that it has broken plastic and it shows a short (see attachments)
I would like to find a replacement for that anyway
It’s like a big coil of wire right?
Also the main capacitor is around 130uf, can that be the problem?

I already order another power supply from china but I would like to repair this one just to learn
Ps sorry any verbal or vocabulary error, I am Italian, English is tricky to me
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