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Default Re: Repairing Bestec TFX0250D5W

^ Doesn't look to bad. Just need to clean the board well from all the soot where these two burned. IPA should work OK for that.

Output electrolytic caps could probably also use replacing with (if you'd like the PSU to last as long as possible), even though they don't look bad. Should be just a few more cents per cap to a $1 max. for the larger ones. Note: no need to replace the big 200V caps, unless they are bad... which hopefully are OK and the MOVs protected them. Otherwise, they'd be the most expensive thing to replace @ $3-4 ea. usually.

I think these might actually be drop-in replacements:
In case link above goes bad, these are Bourns Inc. MOV-07D241K (Digikey P/N: MOV-07D241K-ND)

Alternatively, there is also the LittleFuse V150LS2P (Digikey P/N: F5595TR-ND or F5595CT-ND):
^ More or less the same thing as the first one above for more or less the same price.

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