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Default Re: Powerware 9120 Online UPS

Originally Posted by Behemot View Post
BTW what's a "simple balancer", diode and resistors between accu's?
scheme similar as you described also works - 2 zener diodes (6.8V) + 1 resistors 5W
I tried it for a year .
it works but slowly and not accurate.
after that - I took TL431, tip127 some resistors and car lamp 2-4W.
and setting it up for 13,7V for each battery, if the voltage > 13,7 - lamp is lighting.
last weekend there were problem with electricity - UPS worked from batteries (2*6 in series -Ippon smart winner 2000) 1.5 hours and voltage dropped just to 12.6V for each battery. I check all batteries - the voltage difference was just 0,05V. the batteries are very old (CSB from 2013 year)
the scheme with my elements:

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