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Default Re: Need some help with Epson Printer Power Supply.

R_J ---Thanks so much for your reply.

I have measured other sub-ohm resistors and the leads did not add this much resistance (if any). I'm using a Fluke DVOM meter and meter leads. Leads touched together have 0.00 resistance.

The rectifier I've measured is the bridge rectifier.

I've thought about that, I also thought about it being in one of the other step-down boards located around the printer. I removed the main board from the printer and connected the power supply. With nothing connected to the supply, it still continues to do the same thing.

I guess the only way of eliminating the everything but the supply is to figure out how to "tun it on" while not connected to the main board. On second thought, I guess the short, if there is one, would be in the stand-by system seeing as that is the only thing being used when the power button is in the off position. Correct?
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