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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Originally Posted by stj View Post
dongles - nothing new about them on laptops.
i had them for pcmcia cards that had ethernet, modems, scsi etc.
and i have short ati video cards that use a splitter too - some type of dual dvi/vga to 48pin or something like that.
And you LIKE that? Put all of the stress from the weight of those 5 BNC cables on a single mechanical connection? I despise the DMC59's for exactly that reason. It was just as bad with 13W3's and hoping the weight of the "substantial" (Sun) cables didn't stress the connector, mechanically.

DP and HDMI acknowledge the fact that consumers want cheap and small. And, got rid of the damn jack screws that make it next to impossible to secure/release two adjacent cables!

I often wonder if they aren't using 30AWG conductors in some of those small dia. cables! I certainly would never attempt to repair one!

worst joke, it was just a low cost replacement for dvi connectors - they have the same signals on them.
They add audio so the "consumer" doesn't have to bother with routing a second (set of) cables.
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