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Default Re: Customer Database Software

Originally Posted by Ritchie_Uk View Post
Hey Televizora I’m tired of having post it’s everywhere, as now work and stock is coming in, I need to be organised.
I also have a Guy working for me, so maybe different levels of Administration.
For this, I am afraid, you will need to pay. I doubt that there are any ready free solutions that cover these criteria. Client details, repair history, excel export fine, but storage availability and etc will require logic and algorithms. As well as administration rights. And for this you will need to be way more specific about your enterprise, kind of work, kind of products, kind of components and stock, users required, rights and the current work culture and algorithms.
And entering every single part, component and screw into the system is a tedious task. If you really want to do this and every single small detail to be accounted for, it will require a person that specifically deals with this stuff.
This is accounting and it's nightmare. JIT is nightmare too. And usually storage and clients/repairs are too separate programs, which complement one another. The storage guy deals with storage, the technicians deal with repairs and then the accountant deals with all this....nightmare.
Not to mention that storage and etc software, especially if you want to create invoices, usually must be a software approved by your tax agency/ministry. And revisions by revisers from these agencies....your software must comply with their criteria and must be certified. If you want to go that way.
Otherwise, you can have your clients, repairs and etc, but again you will need to deal with paper, when it comes to accounting.
And we are talking about significant price of the software and subscription, where you pay every month or on yearly basis for support.
So, brainstorm is just a bunch of ideas. Get your priorities straight and make up your mind. What do you want, how you want it and what is required exactly and literally.
Useful conversions. I don't "speak" imperial. Please use metric, if you want to address me.
1km=1000m=100000cm, 1inch=2.54cm, 1mile=1609.344meters, 1ft=30.48cm 1gal(US)=3.785liters, 1lb=453grams, 1oz=28.34grams

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