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Default Re: Customer Database Software

Originally Posted by Ritchie_Uk View Post
Hey Televizora
Thankyou for helping me focus on what I need.
I, specifically, don't usually write software, but sometimes it just happens that I do write some pieces of software or modifications.
But most programmers or IT-s are not accountants, lawyers or financial revisers.
So, think about what you need exactly and how you want it. Then message me. I might be able to recommend something.
Useful conversions. I don't "speak" imperial. Please use metric, if you want to address me.
1km=1000m=100000cm, 1inch=2.54cm, 1mile=1609.344meters, 1ft=30.48cm 1gal(US)=3.785liters, 1lb=453grams, 1oz=28.34grams
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