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Originally Posted by stj View Post
i fixed it already with an unlisted KB that breaks auto updates - fine by me!(KB3004394) and a certs update afterwards from an STL.
still a shit o.s. and terrible documentation from it's spreaders. so now it's owner can install dot-net 4.8 and go break something else i suppose.
Windows7 is actually not a shitty OS, contrary to the next versions. And there is plenty of information and documentation about it. Not that I am a big fan of .NET framework, but it eases programmers work tremendously. If no standard libraries are used or exist, everybody will have to reimplement the wheel.
BTW, certs are updated independently and are not part of the usual Windows Update, but because of the SHA2 if you have disabled automatic updates and haven't installed SHA2 update, cert updates can fail too. Or not updating anything for a long time...and the MS cert installed on the machine itself expires...and then it refuses to install them because of invalid cert chain.
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