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Originally Posted by R_J View Post
And just to piss off more windows 7 users, If you are using Microsoft edge, as of a couple days ago, you can no longer have the home page of your choice (IE Google) It now starts up with the "New Tab Microsoft" and you need to click on the Home icon to get your original home page
That also happened in Windows 10. Also, if you never installed a PDF viewer (or Windows 10 changed the default PDF viewer without your permission), opening a PDF file will also open a new tab along with the PDF. If you open multiple PDF files, you will get one blank tab (with the new tab page open) per PDF file.

Both of those only happened yesterday.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Anyone voluntarily 'uses' Edge?
My mom does. She used Firefox until she got a new computer and suddenly decided that Firefox sucks. Firefox does have some issues with some websites (because web developers don't care about their shit working in any browser other than Chrome), so having something Chromium-based (like Edge) as a backup is good. To me, Edge feels like a mix of the worst from Chrome and AOL.

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