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Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Anyone voluntarily 'uses' Edge?
I do. While it is Chromium based, the memory management is better. And there are addons available. I don't like the Firefox UI and Firefox still has problems with digital signatures. And Opera has nothing in common with the old Opera and comes with some serious memory issues, just like Chrome, not to mention that I don't like the UI. Also, there are Collections in Edge, which are practically saved sessions. No other mainstream browser currently possesses such feature out of the box and addons for Opera and Firefox are actually quite buggy.
Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
It started out that way.....but after SP1 came out, I never looked back. As a matter of fact I'm still using it with extended updates.
There are MS images that come with all updates up to 2019 integrated. I install these versions to avoid the need of downloading and installing numerous updates. The only problem is that 64bit image can't actually fit on a single DVD-R and you have to use flash drive to install it. But comes with latest version of .NET framework and etc. Some time ago I installed Windows10 on my personal laptop. Modified by me, of course. And with auto updated disabled via GPO.
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