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Something to add. 1gb ram quad core 1Gbps LAN+sfp slot and POE output mikrotik costs around 220USD. AC access point Mikrotik with 2x1gbps ports and poe cost half of the price of UBNT unify with the same specs. Not to even mention that even the cheapest mikrotik device comes with decent OS license level. This AP costs about 50USD. Unify AC 1gbps is double the money. And if you want poe capable Unify(48V poe standart capable) it is 4x the price of Mikrotik. Even the most basic MT Hex for 25USD is poe capable.I needed APs, which can be powered via the network and are far away from the power supply. UBNT offers only passive poe for their devices below 120USD. So, I have nothing to gain if I choose Unify, except paying between 2x and 4x the money.
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